SAP AppGyver ACCESS ?!

I try hard to setup a SAP AppGyver trial, following this SAP learning instructions.

The recommendation is to setup BTP global account should be on Europe and
then lookup in the Booster for “SAP AppGyver | sapappgyver”.

BUT I only could setup thr BTP in US West AND there is absolute no result in the Booster lookup for “SAP AppGyver | sapappgyver”.

Any help / Info appreciated

$regrads Ray

I think it is not available for the trial accounts yet. I’m also curious what kind of differences they have.

Hi Atakan,

Thanks a lot for your answer.

I want to evaluate AppGyver for a new APP, cause AppGyver seems to be a professional LC Tool.

Actually I have to have a multilingual app.

I tried to using “TranslationVariables” and got the hint that this is only available in “AppGyverBlack(?!)” only . Assuming “AppGyverBlack” == “SAP AppyGyver” I tried to find my way into the "SAP BTP Djungle…

In general I find that the actual information / documentation is quite confusing regarding the switch to SAP ?!.

Anwar is there another way / hint how to implement multiple languages ?

$regards Ray

I mean it’s hefty work but you can use regular page variables and formulas.

List of objects variable;
fields: [
fieldA: {EN: Hello, DE: Hallo},
fieldB: {EN: AppGyver, DE: AppGver}]

Then on label value binding use a formula to check user language and show the relevant one.

Thanks Atakan,
I’ll give it a try…
$regs Ray

I guess it could be done that way, however, if you do have a complex app, it’s a horrible solution tbh. :smiley: Could be way too buggy, although I guess it’s the only way atm.

@Ray_Tress AppGyverBlack != Sap AppGyver. AppGyver was (is) a small startup that was recently acquired by SAP, therefore they just changed their name to SAP AppGyver. AppGyverBlack is a paid version of the AppGyver which is not transparent at all, unfortunately. There are rumours about the price, however, as long as the “Contact sales team” button does not work (at least for us), it’s pretty hard to reach out to their sales team. I would recommend just going with the “free” version as it includes most of the functionalities you need. I have heard AppGyver talking about some features that will be available only for AppGvyer Black customers, however, that will take some time. I guess there’s a lot of work AppGyver team has to do, before working on the Black version, so no worries.

Hope that makes any sense. :slight_smile: Happy coding.

Hi Atakan,

allow me to come back to this SAP BTP ISSUE.

Does that mean that there is an access for a paid (SAP-account) version ? I had some chats with SAP guys, but they did not even know about AppGyver ?! Is there any “hidden” , but paid, way to get access ?!

Best regards Ray

@Ray_Tress Obviously SAP has no idea about AppGyver. It’s like you would ask a Google guy if he does know particular YouTube video :smiley: SAP has like “gazillion” apps and AppGyver is just one of them. You would have to reach out to someone from the AppGyver team in order to know more about AppGyver Black if it’s still a thing tho. :slight_smile:

As Jaroslav explained, it is a newly acquired tool that is not known a lot by SAP folks (assuming you spoke with SAP Partners).

Pricing is monthly 10€ per person. I’m also considering purchasing it or at least making my company purchase it for me.

It is honestly surprising that this info is not easy to find. I should ask for commissions from SAP :wink:

Good job in finding that! However, the first thing that comes to my mind is…they wanna charge you 10 EURO per developer, but AppGyver does not allow multiple developers to work on the same project at the same time, which is a shame. Also, I could not find any info on what you will actually get for that price of 10 EUROs. I hope it is not just the translation variables :smiley: Did you have any luck with finding that info and if it is worth it? Thanks @Atakan_Tokgoz

Well, that price is incredibly cheap for SAP. If you’re an SAP customer working with BTP it’s a good addition to your environment.

I joined the webinar and asked what’s the difference. They replied as:
“The Odata integration and future SAP integrations & features will be only available on the BTP version. I think OData integrator is one of them.”

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10€ sounds really cheap especially for SAP :face_with_hand_over_mouth:. I don’t believe it before I have tested it ! I assume SAP AppGyver for 10€ is just a teaser to add much more necessarily SAP $$$ additional services !

There is another SAP session tomorrow. I hope to get some more clear info to be able to take a decision about the future of SAP AppGyver… Low-Code / No-Code Automations and Applications for Citizen Developers

$regs Ray

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Hi @Ray_Tress! Just a small update: if you were trying to tune in to the event yesterday, there were connectivity issues due to the AWS outage. The event will happen today at the same time.

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THX, was too early for me :smiley:, Of course it’s tomorrow the 9th of DEC 2021…
Sorry for the inconvenience.
$regs Ray

Just watched this session. My impression this was a more or less a philosophy session about the advantages of LCNC especially when using the SAP BTP platform.

Unfortunately they did not answered the questions HOW find the professional path into it. Just a global hint to the SAP Learning Sessions. E.g. no any answers if it would possible to use a BTP trial for testing, nor if there are additional components/services necessary .
My conclusion : I give up for the time being, because I don’t trust that the community version will survive and I’m sure that SAP AppGyver will disappear in the SAP - jungle over the time.

I really hope I’m wrong, because AppGyver is an amazing product within the LCNC world. But so long I will stay with my environment…

$regs Ray

Hi Ray!

Thanks for tuning in for the session. I’ve reached out for help with your original issue with SAP AppGyver on BTP and will let you know once I hear back.

Meanwhile I want to assure the Community Edition at is very much sticking around and that you should feel at ease trying it out, as in terms of features it currently matches the BTP edition very closely. Both versions are developed together by the same folks using the same pipelines :slight_smile:

Hi Ray,

on SAP Developers there is a guide how to setup the BTP account:

You have to look up for the booster: Prepare an Account for Low-Code / No-Code App Development

The Roadmap for AppGyver is also available:

Real-time team collaboration for example is also on the list.
In the next weeks there should be also a free tier model for SAP BTP available.

Best regards,

Hi @Marc_Huber,

could you please confirm when the free tier would be available?

Thank you,
Dinis Kasimov

I was going to do this using single variables tied to each text item and then on loading write a full language set into them from a database. That way all the hard work is done on load rather than throughout the app.

Thoughts on this approach?