SAP AppGyver "monthly" update for July/August

Most of our team has enjoyed their summer vacations for the year by now and are back at work to tackle the second half of the year.

Here is a list of some of the things we have been working on during the summer months. Please note that most of these have work still ongoing and thus are not out yet.

To see what’s planned, visit the official roadmap. For released items, please see our changelog.

3rd party plugins support

Why are we working on this?

  • With plugins, you can utilize custom code in your app, by encapsulating a React library or React Native plugin into new native view components and flow functions

Development status:

  • Changes in fundamentals of runtime to allow for dynamic plugin inclusion
  • Proof of concept of publishing functionality for a plugin as a package

Integrations AKA Data section revamp

Why are we working on this?

  • Instead of each data resource being configured in isolation, the concept of an integration allows things like base URL and common headers to be configured only once per system/API being integrated to.
  • OData and REST API endpoints will be easier to manage (alongside SAP BTP Destinations in the BTP Edition)

Development status:

  • Second round of UI designs has been implemented
  • Some sections were already released to BTP edition to enable BTP Auth and Destinations features

Data browser

Why are we working on this?

  • With the Integrations concept normalizing the way different kinds of APIs/systems are accessed, a universal data browser can be created, through which a developer can edit their data straight from the SAP AppGyver design time

Development status:

  • Done, is partly available in BTP Edition, will become more widely available with Integrations.

App templates

Why are we working on this?

  • To reduce the time of initial development and to improve first-time user experience
  • App templates will allow you to start your project from a template or look at examples that showcase the functionality of AppGyver

Development status:

  • Initial research into the requirements of this has been done and the project is now kicking off
  • Several templates are ready for when this feature is ready

Marketplace UI improvements

Why are we working on this?

  • We are rolling out a new version of marketplace UI, which will take the whole screen and have better usability
  • The new UI will allow you to discover the latest additions to marketplace more easily

Development status:

  • Some performance issues have been dealt with
  • Testing and fixes are still ongoing

Asset manager improvements

Why are we working on this?

  • The previous asset manager relied on direct S3 URLs for the assets, without an abstraction layer in between
  • Providing that abstraction layer allows for a much more reliable experience, and enables further feature development
  • In addition, we’ve overhauled the UI and significantly improved the usability of the asset manager, including the ability to organize assets by folder

Development status:

  • Released in July

Improvements to existing plugins (that is, native view components and flow functions)

Why are we working on this?

  • There are additional features that our existing plugins can support via their native code implementation that we want to enable

Development status:

  • MapView web support is feature complete, styling options have been added
  • Dropdown style unification for web was done but scrapped due to usability issues
  • Lottie animation improvements
  • More blockers for the added improvements for ScrollView, input etc. were found and removed, should go out with the next available release
  • Improvements for existing Flow functions still to be done

New components

  • iFrame primitive (for “WebView support for web”)

    • Available in the next runtime release
  • Charts primitive

    • Area, bar, line and pie chart primitives are feature-wise done (for web), two bugs were still found in further testing that will be fixed for a later release
  • Custom navigation components

    • Responsive web navigation components that show menu items or a hamburger menu depending on the screen size

    • Development done, waiting for some styling changes before they can go out

  • Forms for creating, editing and displaying data

    • First version has been released in July

SAP BTP Auth/Destination support

Why are we working on this?

  • Enabling the Enterprise Edition users to utilize the authorization they have configured for their SAP BTP subaccount will enable seamless SSO
  • With authenticated users, BTP Destinations (a way to integrate to various SAP systems from within BTP) can be accessed from the app

Development status

  • Released for BTP Edition in July

Visual Cloud Functions (SAP BTP only)

Why are we working on this?

Development status

  • First release will include support for data modeling and backend logic and integration of the Visual Cloud Functions projects to Composer

Continuous improvements being worked on:

First time developer experience improvements

  • “UI Canvas” added as a separate button on the top menu of Composer
  • Showing spinners on the loading of pages has been simplified as many users ran into problems after deleting the “hide spinner” flow function without realising what it did
  • Re-recording of onboarding videos ongoing

General SAP AppGyver Preview app and runtime improvements

  • 4.5.7 and 4.5.10 released
  • The next runtime release is being finalized, will include support for new components like iframe and charts, and bugfixes

Note that we can’t give out specific timelines on any upcoming features!

These community updates are still looking for a schedule that fits our development but aiming to do the next update at the end of September or beginning of October.


I have been waiting for a long time for 3rd party plugins support.Seeing that it is on top of this post i hope it means that you are close to launch it. Hope it;s by the end of September. Can’t wait!

Thanks for the update.

Any respite for those of us struggling with the video player? or is waiting for the 3rd party plugin support our best chance for a solution?

@Vlad_Airoofs we have been working on it for a long time, but it is also hugely complex, so it’s not near public availability at the moment.

@Vivek_Suvarna I’m happy to tell you there is a fix for that bug already coming in hopefully the next available release (or the one after that if it doesn’t make it into this one) :slight_smile:

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