SAP AppGyver “monthly” update for May/June

In May we have welcomed four new team members and made big announcements in SAP Sapphire of things we are working on.

Here is a list of some of the things we have been working on in the past month and half. Please note that most of these have work still ongoing and thus are not out yet.

For released items, please see our changelog.

3rd party plugins support

Why are we working on this?

  • With plugins, developers can utilize custom code in their app, by encapsulating a React library or React Native plugin into new native view components and flow functions

Development status:

  • Support for the development of flow functions and separate pages (such as for camera, signature, rich text editor etc.) has been added to the development platform
  • Currently waiting for a Composer-side change to continue work on how a 3rd party component will be published and work in standalone and preview apps; this change is done and waiting for merge and release, so development will be able to continue soon

Integrations AKA Data section revamp

Why are we working on this?

  • Instead of each data resource being configured in isolation, the concept of an integration allows things like base URL and common headers to be configured only once per system/API being integrated to
  • OData and REST API endpoints will be easier to manage (alongside SAP BTP Destinations in the Enterprise Edition)
  • There will also be an UI overhaul to make things easier to understand and use, and nicer looking

Development status:

  • UI implementation of first round of designs has been done
  • Initial testing has been done and some flaws were found, currently undergoing fixing
  • Changes to designs based on findings are in progress

Data browser

Why are we working on this?

  • With the connected system concept normalizing the way different kinds of APIs/systems are accessed, a universal data browser can be created, through which a developer can edit their data straight from the SAP AppGyver design time

Development status:

  • Initial functional UI and designs are done and implemented, will be rolled out with the integrations feature

Marketplace UI improvements

Why are we working on this?

  • The current usability of the marketplace is not great, so we are rolling out a new version of marketplace UI, which will take the whole screen and have better usability.
  • The new UI will also allow us to be able to showcase the latest new components better

Development status:

  • Missing UI screens for single item were completed
  • Performance issues have been popping up and they are still delaying release

Asset manager improvements

Why are we working on this?

  • The current asset manager relies on direct S3 URLs for the assets, without an abstraction layer in between
  • Providing that abstraction layer allows for a much more reliable experience, plus lays the groundwork for e.g. supporting multiple versions of the same asset (such as light and dark mode image) or publishing assets via the marketplace
  • In addition, we’ve overhauled the UI and significantly improved the usability of the asset manager, including the ability to organize assets by folder

Development status:

  • Done and ready to go, waiting for release, release of both preview app and platform required

Documentation revamp

Why are we working on this?

  • Our documentation could be structured significantly better to make it easier to find relevant information
  • We would like to embed documentation directly from our documentation to our SAP AppGyver tool
  • Some of our documentation has been out of date and some parts are not documented in detail

Development status:

Improvements to existing plugins (that is, native view components and flow functions)

Why are we working on this?

  • There are additional features that our existing plugins can support via their native code implementation that we want to enable

Development status:

  • MapView web support is feature complete, but still missing some styling options
  • Dropdown style unification for web is done but waiting for review, changes may still be required
  • Blockers for adding some improvements that were developed earlier, such as events for ScrollView, have been removed, waiting for review and release
  • Flow function improvements have now been unblocked, and work on them is starting

New components

iFrame primitive (for “WebView support for web”)

  • Development work done, pending release and tweaks to Composer appearance

Charts primitive(s) for web

  • Development finished, waiting for release on runtime side and tweaks to Composer appearance

Custom navigation components

  • These include responsive web navigation components that show menu items or a hamburger menu depending on the screen size
  • Development done, in review

Forms for creating, editing and displaying data

SAP BTP Auth/Destination support

Why are we working on this?

  • Enabling the Enterprise Edition users to utilize the authorization they have configured for their SAP BTP subaccount will enable seamless SSO
  • With authenticated users, BTP Destinations (a way to integrate to various SAP systems from within BTP) can be accessed from the app

Development status

  • Support for more types of SAP Destinations (ABAP Catalogue in addition to OData) have been added

Visual Cloud Functions (SAP BTP only, announced at SAP Sapphire)

Why are we working on this?

Development status

  • Coder graphics interface with some end-to-end functionality is complete
  • Designs for final UI are done and their implementation has been begun

Continuous improvements being worked on:

First time developer experience improvements

  • Designs and most of development for three new app templates has been done. However, releasing them requires still work on the platform.
  • We have started work on re-recording some of our onboarding videos

General SAP AppGyver Preview app and runtime improvements

  • 4.4.X contained the codebase refactoring and several bugfixes, 4.4.9 was released in June
  • Work on 4.5.X is well underway, will include support for new asset manager and bugfixes

General process improvements

  • We’re doing work to automate more of our testing infrastructure to free up resources
  • We’re working on improving our analytics to identify pain points for new and advanced users

Note that we can’t give out specific timelines on any upcoming features!

You can expect things to slow down on our side in July, as most of our team is on vacation during July or the weeks surrounding July. Due to this, our next “monthly” status update will be beginning of August, covering both June and July. Thank you for your patience!


Wow, amazing, can’t wait for plugins to be released!


Great work! Thanks for the update! :heart_hands:

Nice work!! Great to see these updates happening, its a really nice step forward.

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Thank you and keep up the good work !

Thank you @Mevi and the entire SAP Appgyver team for this update.
I am looking fwd to seeing the MapView web support and of course SAP BTP destinations and Auth support as well. Thanks; Piotr

As the current runtime is 4.4.9 and 4.5.x is WIP, I d like to see all the bugs I have reported in the recent months to have fixes included in 4.5.x (if at all possible)


It looks promising, awesome! :clap:

This is one of the reasons I’ve decided to use Appgyver.

Well done

Looking forward to the next update :crossed_fingers:

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