SAP Appgyver Preview 3.1.5 got serious bug

All Justify Content inside Components are showing wrongly after updating to lastest SAP Appgyver Preview… They were working normally on previous version, now all are messed up :frowning:

Agreed. Vertical justification is broken

Yes, exactly ! It happened to Vertical

+1 here regarding the vertical justification :frowning: .

We also found our app wouldn’t load (spinning wheel of death) and had to clear app settings/cache to resolve.

I’ve submitted a bug report as it appears no one else has:

Hi! Thanks for reporting, we’re looking into this.

To keep you updated, parser version 6.0.4 (used by 3.1.5) has a bug that causes this layout issue. We are publishing a new version of the parser as soon as we can get the fix verified.

The preview app will not need to be updated, so 3.1.5 will start working once the new parser version is out. You can see the runtime version and parser version of your preview app by going to your account page in the preview app.

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The new version of the parser was published, please check if there are any problems still and let me know!

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Cool, they were fixed ! Thanks for your quick response !

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Yep, fixed my problems, too. Although the parser version still shows as 6.0.4 (??)