SAP_Appgyver_preview_4.5.7 issue

i have a problem with the simulator for mac (SAP_Appgyver_preview_4.5.7).
If I add Firebase authentication to my app, then I can’t log in. I get error: username \ password incorrect.
This happens ONLY in the preview app for MAC. If I access from web preview or from my mobile phone (iphone) everything goes well and the login is successful. There is no chance that I am typing my username or password wrong because they are very very simple.

Has anyone experienced the same problem? Any solution?

Thank you all


Firebase is currently not supported on Mac. As you may notice from Firebase connector configuration, iOS, Android and Web are the only options.

ok, thanks for the clarification.

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Is there any way to temporarily bypass Firebase authentication so I can test the app on the MAC ?? (The web preview needs constant reboots and clearing the browser cache to work and the mobile phone is quite uncomfortable)
Thank you


In Page’s advanced properties there is a following option:


If you enable it, you can test pages without having to log-in.

Hi, I thought about it. So I have to create “momentary” links on the login page (which in any case is the first to be displayed) for each single page that I would like to test (and also for all linked pages). This is the only way?!

Well, authentication implies that your app is protected by login and password. So, if you want to test your app you would have to:

  1. Log in
  2. Disable authentication
  3. Test pages separately without signing in

Also, since Mac application builds are not available yet, testing the application on Mac Preview is experimental. It is best to test on Web, Android, and/or iOS if you are preparing your app for release.