Sap Appgyver Preview app doesnt load Firebase login page


I have installed the SAP new Appgyver preview and it didnt show my login page (Firebase Authentication). it just loaded the next page without login. So, is it some bug ?

obs1. Ive used qr code to login in SAP Appgyver app

obs2. When i use the old Appgyver Preview or Web Preview it works fine and the login page is loaded.

Your observations sounds like the following standard process for Authentication:

  • when starting the app for the very first time, the app will ask for the password.
  • when returning a second time, the app “remembers” you already and dismisses the initial view (= jumps over the Authentification page).
  • the app does this by storing a “refreshToken” on your mobile device localy


You’re correct. I cleared the cache and the Authentification page loaded again.

So i thought it weird cause the old application doesn’t work the same way, that is, it doesn’t store the token apparently.