SAP Appgyver Preview app

So to be clear, we should be using the SAP Appgyver Preview app instead of the regular Appgyver Preview app now?

SAP Appgyver Preview throws me the following error …

Someone else with the same problem … does anyone know why?

On the other hand, today, after I don’t know how many compilations (BUILD APP), it gives me the following error:

Help please !!

Umm I’m pretty new to appgyver, and I’m facing an issue where even though my preview app is working perfectly well and updates the app whenever I make changes in the platform, for some reason the progress bar doesn’t recognise that, and I’m not able to complete the final step of “Preview on a device” in the intro section of learning how to use appgyver. Could someone please help me out here?

Oop never mind I found out how. For anyone’s who’s facing the same issue, here’s how you do it:
I was using an Mi A2 for previewing my app, and it wasn’t working, but I borrowed my dad’s iPhone 12 Pro, and the moment he scanned the QR code and clicked a button, it immediately synced up. The lag with my phone must have been something to do with outdated compatibility or the like. I hope this helped you out!