SAP AppGyver Preview apps no longer available on macOS?

After recent update to 4.1.3 the macOS version of the SAP AppGyver Preview and the iPad version is not showing up on Apple Silicon Mac App Store.

Is this permanent or apps will be release soon?

I really liked to use the iPad version on my macOS to test the apps fast.

Hi! We do not do App Store distribution for macOS, the button to download the macOS preview can be found when you are editing your app under the “Launch” tab from the top menu.

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Yes, sorry you right about the macOS one.

How about the iPad version? Last one I could download and use on my M1 Mac. But is not listed on mac anymore

Not sure about that one, I’ll ask about it!

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Hi! I asked about it and the app is listed for iPad and available on iPads running 14.0 or later. Not sure why it’s not visible in the App Store for Macs, but nothing specific has changed that would prevent it from being there that we know of. Since it hasn’t been intentional that our iPad apps are available on Mac and used via Mac, it’s unlikely to get solved at this point I’m afraid.

I don’t know if this is relevant but in order to let users download the iPad app on M1 Macs you have to turn the specific option in App Store Connect in the app details > Pricing and Availability > Make This app available (macOS XX.0). You can check the screenshot.

Anyway thank you for your help!

Hmm, thanks for letting me know, we’ll be looking into this if it is possible for us to enable.

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