SAP AppGyver Preview not availabe in Apple app store in China

Hi, Gurus,

When I try to install SAP AppGyver Preview in Apple appstore, I can not find SAP AppGyver Preview in appstore .

When I use SAP AppGyver Preview linkage to install it , allert message says this applicaiton is not provided in your coutry .

Then my question is when will SAP AppGyver Preview be available in China .

Hi! Yes, unfortunately, we can not provide the SAP AppGyver Preview app in China at the moment. There also is no set timeframe for when we would start providing it, Iā€™m afraid :frowning:

Is it possible to use VPN to download the SAP AppGyver Preview?

I am afraid that falls under the question of local laws and regulations.

Thanks Kirill for your quick reply! I wonder if there is a ipa file to AppGyver, i could install it without App Store.

For Android if you can and is easier because it is just pass the APK file, install and ready.

But for iOS people install it from the official site from china and it is called: which is for iOS only without the need to install Jailbreak. (Try that way). Greetings.

You can also and depends on the VPN with a good proxy service configuration, you can circumvent the system. As it is just to download that application, you can use the following Free VPN with good Proxy settings and an AES-256-Bit security certificate that are:

5.Hotspot Shield

not working, the key is the country of the apple id. so you must have the required country for your apple id. Register a new apple id is the right way.

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