SAP Build App is crashing

Hi Team,

I am having a bit of a situation here. Need help!

Spent good 3 days debugging an issue that wasn’t there.
The card list was showing cards of varying sizes

There is a bug in the SAP build App that does not reflect changes made to a card…
All other changes were reflected in the SAP Build App immediately on click of Save in Composer.

I realized this when I built an APK out of it. The first screenshot is on SAP Build Apps. The second one is on the built apk on my phone.

With this realization, I had to make a few changes to get my card right building an APK each time to make changes to the card look. I got it right in a couple of iterations.

Now, since last evening, the SAP Build App is crashing on navigation to this particular page.
So, I am not able to test any change on this page unless I create an APK which is a slow process for every small change I make.

Please advise.


Pls ignore the network descriptor error. It came inadvertently while taking screenshot

Also, the builds are taking a few hours now…
So, I am just unable to proceed productively.

I have had similar issues with inconsistent components. I mostly see it when duplicating apps.

My best recommendation is to delete and re add the component. It sucks, but its easier than waiting for a reply here.