SAP Build Apps duplicated REST API call

While working on a project on SAP Build Apps, I noticed that my app was making a duplicate API call, I just want it to call the endpoint one time but for some reason it is duplicating the call, and that might be problematic. As you can see below this is not an issue with the delay step being redirected to the call and provoking that.

Could anyone help me out?

When you setup the data vars, go to data vars tab and remove the logic flows that are set up by default. Most probably that should be the reason why youre getting double calls

Hey I just solved the issue, at first I thought the same thing as you did, but there was nothing there or anywhere else on the app.

So the solution was related to the triggering events of the page in this case “Page Mounted”, it was triggering twice for some reason, I used the step called “debounce” you can look it up on the marketplace, install it and implement it right after the Page Mounted event, it worked like a charm.

Hope my solution helps anyone else that have this issue.

Thanks, for replying so fast!

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Nice, thanks for the info, will take a look at that module.