SAP Plans for AppGyver

Hi Guys,

Just after an update on the status of AppGyver following the acquisition by SAP.

Its been several months since the initial blog posts so would like an update on when / if the paid features will be introduced.

Is there a roadmap that can be made available to see what happening with the platform and when new features will be released.

Thanks :slight_smile:

According to this blogpost it’s a few weeks ahead to be available in Roadmap Viewer. But as we all know SAP is all about big talk so I don’t expect anything solid until the transition is completed. So I too would like to hear from AppGyver developers themselves.

Probably the marketing team of SAP is already working on a renaming for AppGyver, trying to come up with a straight forward name like “SAP Drag & Drop Cross Platform Application Builder” or simply SAP DDCPAB :slight_smile: :upside_down_face:

Wow, our senses of humor really mesh in the grand scheme of things, Atakan. “Big talk” and a sarcastic appreciation for unnecessarily-long software titles.

While hearing directly from the dev team itself would be great, do note that the earliest thread I’ve seen talking about “advanced navigation editors” coming soon here in the forums was in April 2020. A year and a half later and, unless I’m mistaken, we still haven’t seen anything about that.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the great value that AG provides at its price – being free of charge. We’ve never been this close to launching our social network web app. The one thing in the end that will hold us back is having zero native methods for monetization; in other words, some kind of iintegration method for AdSense or other ad-serving platforms. We’ll probably have to go in deep and modify page code directly once we build and host on our backend to support ads.

That’s going to get real old real fast with every little UI change we make in AG, then rebuild, then integrate code again and again. We’ll see.

I think, at the end of the day, if the AG team focused on ensuring the platform is as stable as possible, and then prioritizing third-party/custom React plugins, the advanced users here would be content to set everything up manually and go from there.

One can hope.

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I think two things are blocking the aforementioned developments. One is ensuring stability and the other is the acquisition. Recently I saw that OData Integration for data sources has been introduced - which is the easiest way for integrating SAP Applications. So I can only assume some feature requests are by SAP are given priority. Let’s hope that the things you’ve mentioned will be implemented soon.

In the last 4 years SAP has changed my module’s name 3 times; making it more straight forward each time. If I want to look for job listings I have to search each name multiple times. So I am especially angry about this :slight_smile: