SAP Subscription Billing Integration with BTP/Appgyver

Hello Dear Community,

We’ve been exploring the potential of AppGyver as part of our SAP integrations here at Deloitte and are working in a few POC including one where were trying to fetch SAP subscription billing information into our AppGyver application which is existing on BTP. However, we are struggling to setup this integration through the API Manager on BTP.

We were wondering if there was a standardized integration we could do since were unable to find any documentation regarding this topic.

Best regards,
Tanguy Jongen


AppGyver forums are used mostly by the Community Edition users, so you might not get an answer here about SAP-related topics. If you are looking for a forum with more SAP Build App users, you can check out:

If you are experiencing an issue with SAP Build Apps, you can submit a support ticket here: