SAP workflow instance is not executing

Hello experts,

I am calling workflow instance from Appgyver. I am getting bearer token and I am passing further to HTTP request (component installed from market)

I am passing URL :

And Header part passing as: accessToken is "Bearer " I am getting it from previous HTTP request (GET)

Request Body I am preparing as JSON with definitionID and context.

When I execute it, I am getting below error:
Full authentication is required to access this resource

Please guide me further, If I missing anything.



Hi! I’m not familiar with SAP workflow I’m afraid, but if you could find out how the request needs to be structured to work when you do it from e.g. postman or via cURL, that might help with how the authorization needs to be setup.

A general point that may or may not be relevant to your case is that sometimes the authorization token will need an extra "Bearer " (or similar) text added to the beginning of it. You can do this by using a formula, if it’s what SAP workflow would require.

Hi Thanks for your response. Yes, I am already adding Bearer before token.