Save preferences on the phone

Hello everyone.
I have the following question:
I want my application to have a home page, only with text and image and a checkbox where you can check “do not show again”.
I would like that option to be saved in the user’s phone.
Now, the only way to test this is to create the apk? or you can also test in developer mode? Because every time I close and open the application on my phone (in test mode) no preference is saved. Maybe it is because it is not a final apk?
The same to test if my app works offline, I must test it with the apk?
I hope some appgyver member will ever answer my questions.

Can you please explain your flow a bit?

I assume you have created an app variable (i.e doNotShow) and when a user clicks, you set that app variable to true. Then you have 2 home pages first one is the real starting page that user should see if doNotShow is true and the second homepage that user should see if doNotShow is false and they’re connected with an if condition to the app variable doNotShow. Am I close?

Do you have any authorization set up? Maybe that page is your initial page, that is why it is opening regardless the set up without the authorization.

thank you for your response.
Yes, I have something like that in mind.
I just want to know if to test if it works, I must build my app, since in development mode, the changes in the variable are not saved.

Hi Pablete,

You can test your first question in the Appgyver app, you don’t need a finished build to test that. The offline part, only works when you have the proper app downloaded and you can turn your phone to flight mode.

A page variable won’t remember their “setting” or what value you give a page variable after you close the app. They reload every time the app opens, so for this to work, you have to use the client-side storage (data resource) and save the information (show/hide) there instead.

Hope this makes sense.


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Hi Dan

Your comment seems to start to explain what I need to do please, so I thought I’d ask.

I want my app to be a checklist that people can use to save the checkbox (i.e. I provide blank checklists, and they check the box and the app saves the check, so that same box is still checked when they open the app again.

Do you know how to do this please? Thanks!

Offline storage could be a good solution for this :slight_smile: