Save scanned QR codes to app

I’m still learning & would like to reach out for some help. I’m a retail manager & I am creating an app to quicky find product locations within a store.

with two key functions:

  1. Assign products with a location by scanning their QR codes with the camera

  2. Search for products with the QR code then display the location data.

So far I have managed to add a row for each location with an image highlighting where it is on the floorplan, a button to launch the barcode scanner.

For the button I have set it to
Scan QR code // set app variable

I have added a paragraph & bound the content to the same app variable.

The issue is, I would like the text added to be saved & each time I click the scan button a new line be added with the next barcode without it replacing the first one.

I have added search bar at the top.
Could this open the QR code scanner too? then search for the code saved then display the items location with the image?

I would also like to add a button that clears the text from all the paragraphs so that the process can be done again once products move.

I would be really pleased if someone could guide me with steps to take this app to the next stage.

Thank you,

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