Saving and Reusing a container in appgyver Composer 2

First. Great Product. I am new to AppGyver. I have gone through all Power-ups, Tutorials, and many of the youtube Example videos for AppGyver.

This is my question: Is it possible to Save a container with all it’s information and use it again when building another App (not a new page).

Example: My navigation container is always the same no matter what App I am working on. But I have had to re-create that container over and over again within each App.

If it is possible to do that please let me know where I can go to read up on it or view it.

Thanks in advance. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi, nice to hear you’re enjoying the product! If you have created the navigation container as a new component in the right sidebar, you can “Publish to marketplace” on the “By me” tab of the left sidebar and you get a share token for the component. Then in your other app, you can search for the token in the marketplace and install the component.


Thanks. I’ll try it.