Saving Data Locally and loading time

I have been trying to save data locally on my app through on-device(client-side) storage. what I want to do is save my data from the rest API to on-device storage. My app has around 35 - 40 lists full of images and some text. I had some quick questions -

  1. Will it affect the performance of my app. I want to decrease the loading time of my app. I don’t want to load images every time the user runs the app. I also don’t want lag issues
  2. how do I store all data from rest API (Airtable) to on-device as there is no option such as upload your data and I am completely new to variables and logic also can I manually add my data to on-device.
  3. Will the images be stored in on-device storage when the user runs the app or it will increase the size of my app.


  1. Yes, if you can load from on-device storage instead of API, it will be faster.
  2. Please take into account that storing data on-device storage takes space from the user’s device, so only store data you will need. Here are the docs on offline storage, but if you want more familiarity with data and variables, perhaps check out this 101 course.
  3. It will increase not the download size of the app, but the size of the app on the device. I would not recommend storing too many images on-device because the user might then delete your app if it takes too much space.