Saving Data on Exit


I’m new to AppGyver and, after watching all the tutorial videos and spending 2 days going nuts in Composer, I’m loving it. The only problem I haven’t been able to overcome myself is how to save data on exit.

If I change a value of a dropdown menu, checkbox etc. I simply want that choice to persist between app close and app open. Using local storage if possible, I haven’t attached anything external yet.

I have seen one other post where one solution was explained but despite my best efforts, I couldn’t get it cracked.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there, if you need to store only one value, i would suggest these functions, use set to store the item in the device, get to retrieve it and delete to delete it. Be sure to use the same id for each different variable.

if you want to store many different values, then you could create an on device storage bucket in the data connection

Howdy! There will be several values. I have created on-device storage and in the logic flow, created what I believe should be a working chain where records are saved when values to app variables change. They’re then supposed to be retrieved via “Get Record” on App Open, but they’re not…

If setup correctly, does this functionality even work in the preview app? Perhaps it’s setup right but I just can’t test it without fully publishing?

no thats not it

In the page that youre interested (first) have you gone and add the data variable like shown bellow?

then you will be able to access the data from the data variable in any formula

This is the video I recently found and attempted to follow. The only difference is, my app variable is a text field, in the video the example is a toggle. Not that it should make much difference. I note that they’re not using data variable on the actual page, like your screen shot suggests?

Video: Offline Storage