Saving images into your device

I have been trying to find the solution to how to save images into your iOs or Android devices but without any results. Is there a way to do this in Appgyver? I mean the purpose of my app is to save images.

if it is images that you take from the camera, the output of the camera is file path so you can use that,
if its not (havent tried it) you could transform the image to base64 and save that.
Of course, that way the images would only be visible in the app and not in the device library.

An other thing to keep in mind if you manage to download the image is the function move file (maybe you can set it in the library)
I know its not a solution but maybe they can help

I was thinking of creating an app that is capable of saving images. The app is using for example PIXABAY image API and through this process, the user is able to search for the image he/she wants and save it to the device memory. My question is, is it possible to do so?
Thank You for your response.

oh ok so currently you have an image url from pixabay and you want to save that image on the device?

I want a function in my app when I press the save image button it gives me the option to do so. As you see in the image I pasted with this message.

ok but i imagine that the image in that time is just a url?
If so, the way i know, is to convert it in base64 and save the code. That means that you wont be able to access it from the device library. only if you could somehow download the image, could you be able to set the device path, to match the image library (i guess)

But im interested to see, if there is any other way, in order to save the image in the library.
Maybe @Mevi or @Mari can help on this one

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Hi, I watched your latest video on YouTube today, thank you very much. Also how nice in a short video how to do to save an image and download it to the Android device from a URL ( or also from an Api Rest). Thank you very much.

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Thank you very much, for that, there is not a strait forward way to do it, one way would be to somehow convert the image to base 64, but thats why i tagged also Mari and Mevi above, maybe they can give us a better way

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Mm we don’t have an easy way to save an image to the devices image gallery at the moment. It would require saving to the correct path of the device where the image needs to be stored, so that could be done like you said by downloading the image and moving it to the correct path. A good starting point for the paths can be found in system variables for filesystem: System variables reference - AppGyver


Okay, Let’s see if I get something done with this dilemma of mine thanks a lot. :slightly_smiling_face:

Has there been any change in this?