Scan barcode from photo

Hi. Currently the “Scan QR/barcode” flow function can only scan using the camera. Is there any way we can scan from photos saved on the phone? Thanks.

I’m not sure I understand it, but scan is to identify a product reference. If you already have this reference, why scan?

Hi, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what mean by reference. The “Scan QR/barcode” flow function will bring up the camera app to scan the QR/barcode, I merely want to be able to make it scan from the photo files that are already saved onto the phone earlier.

The Scan / QR Bar Component Code opens the camera.
Perhaps in the code it must recognize it is possible to put a formula that automatically recognizes the photo files already recorded.
But I must admit that I do not understand your case of use.

Hi @TK_Soh , you can use this api, from rapid api,

you can also see how to connect it from here

or here

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@Dimos_Vamvourellis Thanks a lot

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