Scan does not read some qr codes

Hi all,

Has anyone encountered difficulty reading qr codes?
Some qr codes are scanned OK but in other cases it doesn’t scan anything nor shows error message
The same qr codes are captured in others android apps without any error or delay
Any tips to improve scanning?


Can you provide some here that do not work?


I will find an example and put in here

Thanks for the response

Some of my users are having issues with iOS 16. I think related with that:

Are you using iOS as well?

I´m using Android.

In other apps, all my qr-codes works without problem.

Even the camera of my cell phone reads and recognize as qr-code.

But, an interesting thing: if I take a photo of the qr-code and create a jpeg file, then my Appgyver app can read.

Can you provide the qr code source here so we can test