Scanning Qr codes does not work in webapp

Hi community, I am developing an app and the qr code reading feature is a must. I created the app for andrioid and no problem, but in the webapp version this feature does not work. The app will be used on mobile, not on pc, but I need to have the webapp as well. Is there any way to make it work or is it incompatible?
Thanks for your help!

Hi, can anyone help me with this, it’s urgent! :pray:

Happens the same on my app. I would also like to if is possible to scan barcodes in web apps

I have the same problem. Is there a plan to update the Scanning Barcode function to work with webapp?

Obviously not, I would like to use this feature aswell.

Just please try to explain to me how would You want to read a qr code in a web app? Via the webcam? Or is it simply to avoid building the final app for IOS as well? If the latter is true, then I am afraid there is not much I or other users can do here.

You might want to look for some image-scanner/qr reader api to make it work for a web app…

Anyone tried using custom js for a QR-scanner?