Schedule/Calendar view? - Like Google Cal - Day, Week, Month view

Hi, new user here.

Is there a component that allows us to create a customizable schedule/calendar view - to create a Google Cal / Outlook Calendar experience with views like Day, Week, Month, Timeline etc?

Some examples from the code world would be:

The project I would like to work with is for appointments and timed tasks etc. So need to have a view like this.

Thank you!

Hi there!

Unfortunately this type of component is not available as of yet. However the WebView component available from the marketplace does allow you to embed pretty much any web-based calendar in your app.

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So web view would just let you see something that exists on another server right? ie load a Google cal view. But not load a custom JS calendar as a component - is that correct?

How do new components get built? Are their developers that make components? For instance on Bubble I see that someone has made a way to use FullCalendar as a component in it. Could the same be done for AppGyver?