Screen refresh after deleting or adding records


If I have 6 records on a form (repeating group), and I delete 1 record, how do I refresh the screen to show 5? If I open page, it adds to the stack.

part 2… how does one clear the stack?


Part 1: You just need to make sure that you’ve deleted the record for real from the repeat source. The repeated list should automatically start showing one less item when you’ve deleted one of the items. Could you elaborate what sort of variables/list are you repeating and how you delete the records?

One guess without knowing more details is that you might be deleting records from backend with Delete record, but you haven’t updated the (Data) variable that you’re repeating. Backend isn’t automatically synced to Data variable and you have to use Set data variable to fix its value to match the remaining records. If this is the case, you can use GET record collection to update the Data variable from scratch or you can use WITHOUT_ITEM to remove the deleted record from the repeated list. But this is just a guess for now without knowing more details.

Part 2: You can use Navigate back to root to clear all pages from current tab’s stack.