Scroll Container - When I scroll down it's turning back automatically

Hi everyone,

I think is a simple problem but I can’t use properly the containers. Here the video:

If you look at it, when I try to scroll down to see the element at the bottom of the list, the scroll container sends me to the top automatically without a block.

The application has this property:
PAGE LAYOUT: Stretch to viewport height true, Disable scrolling true

  • Container Static classic
  • Scroll container: vertical scrolling indicator true
    • Container scroll list (classic container)
      • Container item (with items repeated with a list of object)

When I click on the button of search the Scroll container becomes visible. It’s a mockup then the data is already binding on the view.
I already tried to set the Scroll Container and the Container scroll list with a fixed height in pixel but nothing changed. Now they are set with “Grow To full width”.
The container items have the padding fixed.

Can you help with an idea of how to solve this problem?

Thank you,

Is your data bound in a loop? It might be reloading the data on you and resetting the data variable.

I would also add a big empty container at the bottom. If the keyboard appears you can´t see half your data.

The Data is bound on the “Container Item” with the Repeat with and using an array of JSON.
Sorry, Daniel, I don’t get the point.
What do I need to make it work properly?

Your solution is working Phil,
thank you :wink:

  • I set the Scroll container = Layout Custom: Width Grow to width; Height Fit Content
    • Scroll Container List = Layout Custom: Width Grow to width; Height 900px (this I think It’s going to be a problem with the dynamic height if I don’t know how many items I’ll have)
  • Fake Container on the bottom with the height fixed
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