Scroll scrollView to the bottom

Anyone tried to do some custom Javascript module in order to scroll scrollView component to the bottom, please? There’s plenty of javascript tutorials, however they all need a target. I have tried to target componentID (scrollView ID), however has no luck.

JS I have used:

function scrollWin() {
  window.scrollTo(0, 500);

We are trying to create a chat app and don’t have a time to wait for 3rd party plugin support release.


Did you found a way to do this?
I need to scroll up in my case.

@Markus_R Hey, unfortunately, AppGyver does not allow you to scroll ScrollView (yea, I know… :D), but you can scroll the whole page in order to get to the bottom. So this is how our chat is working. After sending a message we scroll to the bottom of the page and the page is expanding. The problem with this is that header and input value will be always at the top/bottom of the page.

Shoot! that is a big limitation… I don’t think I can make my weekly calendar app work if content can not be scrolled to a default position…

@Mevi I wonder there could be way to use fixed and floating positions in layout settings. it would help if scrollviews can not be scrolled to certain position.

That’s true. Sticky would help here I guess.

Hi! Actually in our primitive improvements that I’m currently working on I’m going to be adding content offset property, which can be used for scrolling, and later we’ll probably also add a flow function to have a scrollTo for the ScrollView itself.

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@Mevi Hey, do you have any EOD for the content offset feature, please?

This sounds great! Is there way to add more position options to the layout? It would be handy in many cases. Sometimes I wish there should be way to load custom css to expand our layout options.

@Jaroslav_Krajca I don’t really want to give an ETA since I don’t know yet what the lead time for these primitive improvements is as this will be the first time we do it with a new process :sweat_smile: It could be weeks, or a month, or a bit over a month. Probably not much longer than two months.

@Markus_R adding custom CSS does not fit with how our platform works, so that’s very unlikely. But we have position:absolute and position:relative available under advanced layout properties.

Ok I understand the css part but a lot of other no-code tools do support custom css too. How about adding fixed position? It would help a lot with containers that needs to be locked to bottom: custom nav menu, messaging apps etc…

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To get you forward, Position: Absolute used with a Scroll View and no scrolling on the page will do the same as position: fixed. You can submit a feature request for position: fixed and custom css if no one else has requested it yet :slight_smile:

Hey @Mevi do we have any update on this, please? I have not seems anything related to this in past updates so just wanna confirm that this is something that will be sorted as scrolling a ScrollView with Logic seems like a basic feature that should be provided. Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Well there’s nothing concrete on it yet. We have done improvements on view components themselves so far, but flow function development had not been enabled yet, but should become available soon, which would enable our team to create the flow functions we have been hoping to, such as this one.


Is there some updates on the possibility to scroll a scrollview?
Has someone figured out something?

If you want to do a chat-like app, you need to scroll down at each new message.
On a page without scrollview it is possible to scroll down, but without scrollview you cannot have any element set in absolute fixed position…

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