Scroll To Not Functioning

I set the scroll to 10000, as I want to have the bottom content to visible first. Do you have complete guide for this? I have read the documentation but it is so limited.

Hi Amir, I tried out the scroll to flow after “Page focused” and it’s working as expected both in the mobile and web previews. What event are you using to trigger the scroll?

Oppss… I tick the stretch to viewport. Now the screen is okay. How to make floating component, eventhough I scroll down the apps?

First change the component’s position from relative to fixed under “Advanced” and then set its position on the “Position” tab. :slight_smile:

I have changed to “fixed”. It is similar to “absolute”. The container will move with the scroll page. Can I fix the container as I scroll down the page?

Hi, right, “absolute” is correct! Check out this thread for a tutorial on creating a sticky container:

This sticky needs to be used with scrollview and stretch to viewport. Is there any option for non stretch to viewport for sticky container?

Hi, can you describe in a bit more detail what kind of use case do you have, why is the scroll view / stretch to viewport not an option?

I would like to make chat system.

I tried few method.
First method: Does not scroll to latest message

  • scrollview present
  • tick disable scroll
  • stretch to viewport

Second method: Input text container does not stick. It follows the container and does not stick to viewport.

  • Using scroll to (to get the latest chat)
  • untick stretch to viewport
  • untick disable scroll

Hi, unfortunately I wasn’t able to come up with a solution for this :confused: The page needs to be set to viewport height for the sticky container to be in the right place, and then you could use a scroll view for the messages, but then “Scroll to” doesn’t work with the scroll view.

Based on this thread, it looks like a feature request has been submitted for this.

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