Scroll view - how to reset position?


how can I reset a scroll view to Y=0 position?
“Scoll to” flow event does not work as it is related to entire screen.

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Hi! As far as I know, there’s nothing that would do this. You can create a feature request for this. Just out of curiosity, what would your use case be?


I built a single page application where the user can navigate from one content block to next via buttons. (uses visible flags for different containers,…)
Now I would like to have a sticky header which stays on top even if the users scrolls through the content.
As “position:fixed” is not available in AppGyver, I understood that the best way to do this is a header container + a scroll container below.
Now if a user is at the bottom of the content block in the scroll container and moves to the next content block, the user should see the content from the top → the scroll container needs to scroll up.

Any other option how to solve his?

Sorry to butt in on this thread - but I’d love a scroll to function that works on a scroll view in a container (not the whole screen) -

My usage case is that i have a table in a scroll view that allows someone to select an item to edit. When you relaunch the app the edit window is designed to show the last item you edited and that is highlighted in the scroll view table, however if that item is far enough down the list as to be out of view, then the user has no idea that it’s selected in the scroll view unless they manually scroll it - it would be great to be able to scroll to ‘active element’ or some such…

@Johannes Ah. Well, we do have position:absolute available, if you would like to have another try at that type of a header again. You can find it under advanced settings, and you can see a tutorial using that to make a floating button here. Adjust it to your needs :slight_smile:

@Oli_Clark yep, your use case is very reasonable. You can try the hack with the floating container above as described, or submit a feature request for the scrolling functions for the ScrollView.

Hey @Mevi,

this is what I want to build but I would need a “Scroll To” function for the Scroll View. :slight_smile:
When the user scrolled to the bottom, the complete content of the view changes (after button click) and it does not make sense to be at the end of the scroll view then…


Well, unfortunately if the static header with position:absolute wouldn’t work for you, then a feature request for the “scroll to” functionality for ScrollView is the only option – I don’t know any other workaround than the static header and using whole page “scroll to”.

Hm, maybe I have a misunderstanding on my end:
A static header with position:absolute is not possible if the whole page scrolls.
→ position:absolute is an absolute positioning on the page, not on the view port, so the header is scrolling as well.
For view port positioning, I would need position:fixed.

Or this this assumption wrong?

Ahh yes I see, sorry, I was the one confused :sweat_smile: So that won’t work.

I noticed that RecyclerView has a “scroll to” offset flow function. However, that might not work for your case, as RecyclerView is used in lists and as such it is meant to have one repeating item in it only.

I do recommend creating the feature request for ScrollView.

Yes, I created a feature request for this already, thanks for your support!


Did you find a solution to this problem?

Any updates on this problem?

The situation is the same as before I’m afraid. I intend to add a flow function for modifying to where the ScrollView is scrolled to as soon as that feature becomes available internally.

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I need this function too… no news yet?

Nothing as of yet, that feature is not yet available internally :cry: