Scroll view indicator not showing up on web app

Hi guys.

I’m testing some ui features and i can’t put the scroll view to work properly since it indicator is not showing up. Do u guys know what is going on?

Those are the settings i used:


The configuration that you have looks good, but that component that I tell you should remove it so that the Slider works and so each image is automatically separated from the other image.

I leave you the example and its configuration of an app that I am making for a user, I hope you can use the examples:

In this video by a great YouTuber, this gentleman also explains very well about the Slider in minute 17:40

Also another great YouTuber with an explanation of a more complex Slider and it is more difficult, but it looks spectacular too, after minute 12:49 approximately

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Thank you Diagonal. I’m going to take a look as soon as i can.
Another thing i notice, on my personal computer the scroll view works fine on the preview app. But now i’m trying to use the app on my work computer and it is not working. What the heck is going on :sweat_smile: :joy:?

It would be good to provide an image after you make the changes, and then after those changes send a screenshot of how it looks on the web view so we can analyze what may be happening.

Sorry to take a long time to respond. Now everything is working fine. I did something on the containers that somehow fixed my problem.
Again, thank u so much for the help

Hi @Thales_Taranto: I am very happy to be able to help and give ideas. It is with great pleasure. God bless you!

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