Scroll view not working

I am currently working on an app. And while building the first page, I used the scroll view component. I have disabled scrolling and stretched to view point height, but still I can’t get the scroll view component to work. On my mobile preview, it does not scroll.

Greetings. In the part of “PAGE LAYOUT”, disable where it says: “DISABLE SCROLLING” and play with the following components:

*In the container: White Part: You must play that this horizontal or vertical in design.

*In the Scroll View 1 component: You must also play that it is vertical.

*The rest is well with their images put in their respective containers.

*Important: I did the same procedure and the Scroll View works perfectly, it is only to know how to configure it.

Try moving out the scroll view container from the white one.
So the tree should be
page layout

  • user
  • name
  • emoticon
  • scroll view

Thank you very much, for your response, I would try that right away.

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That means deleting the white container. Thank you very much. I hope it works.