Scroll view, start scrolling from bottom to top?

Hi, Ya’ll.

I’m implementing a messaging system in my application. Messages tend to be placed at the bottom in most UI and users must then scroll up to view older messages. Does anyone know a way to have the scroll view do this?


That’s been a problem for a long time. One way I used to do it was not use Scroll View at all and just use a repeating container for each new message directly on the Page layout, and then use the ‘Scroll to’ flow function (set to 100000) to force the whole page to scroll to the bottom when new messages appear (messages at top of screen will scroll off the top). It’s a little hacky but i got it to work perfectly for what I wanted.


Thanks for that. I’ll look into doing it that way. Hopefully this is something that gets supported in the future.

I know this may work in the recycler view as well, but that’s still pretty buggy.

Much appreciated.