Scrollable thumbnail list not working

I currently have a page set up as follows, where the user selects who is currently using the app out of a list of 20-30 people. That selection filters a list of “Drafts” that were assigned to the user. The way I have it set up works, but i know its not efficient and i have no fallback for if the user doesn’t have a draft assigned to them and its just blank with no descriptive text.

I want to use the scrollable thumbnail list from the marketplace, but no matter how i configure it, the list always remains empty as if I have no data for my data resource. Which i show is not true, as the list i built from scratch shows all of the data.

I like the marketplace list view because it has the conditional renderer and I don’t want to set one up myself haha. Any help would be appreciated

Hi @Ridge_Woods , could you post a screenshot of how you’ve configured the component? If you open the app in web preview with Chrome developer tools on (right-click + “Inspect” → Network tab) can you see any errors there with your network requests?