Scrolling being very slow when using Image Card List component


I am facing serious problem using Image Card List component as scrolling becomes very very slow.
I am using Firebase storage for 100 images.
Please someone help.

This experience is no surprise as the scroll view renders all the items inside of it at the initial mounting process. To avoid this You could use the image card list inside a “recycler view (beta)” component. Search for it on the marketplace.

That one renders only part of the list which is visible / close to being visible.

Another solution would be to reconsider how You load the data (and images), maybe some sort of pagination, or delay between different parts of the data could help.

Cheers :tada:

Hi thanks @Mihaly_Toth
I see using image card list inside a “recycler view (beta)” component could help tackling this issue but can you please help me implement this renderer view? I will be thankful.

I have put the image card list inside the “recycler view (beta)” component but it did not work, also nothing displayed doing this / no data loaded.

Pls help me.

Okay, I haven’t used the image card list component. This is data component which would not work with the recycler view as the “image card list” is already a component with data repeated.

In this case You would need to build it Yourself. The solution would be:

Layout tree:

Képernyőfotó 2022-08-22 - 9.30.23

Layout settings of “Container 3”:

Make sure to set the width and height of the “text” components to “Fit content”.

After these steps do the setting of the data in repeat of the “Container 2”. In this case the Container 2 will be the same as the “Card” in the image card list:

Set that to Your data resource. Hope this solves Your issue.

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Thanks for your efforts, now to set the image in the container 2, can you pls also help me with the formula to be used for repeat.

I am sorry, but have You completed all of the tutorials and have You ever read the documentation of Appgyver?

Please read a little bit here and You will find answers to most of these tyoe of questions:

Yes I frequently visit and learn things out there. My composer learning status is now 80%.
Well, I have no programming sort of experience but I could not find anything on Recycler View (Beta) in docs.
Also tried putting 50 images into a container then in Recycler View (Beta), not responding…

I have resolved this issue thru another method. Glad you helped me, thanks Mihaly.


What was the “another method”?


I had to display 50 images in my app, since recycler view didn’t work for me (or may be I could not be able to use at that time), so I divided the images into group of 10. I used soft tabs then to display all of the 50 images in one page.


Great hint! Thanks for your quick reply!