Scrolling stuck when in mobile preview

Not sure if this is a bug or if I’m doing something wrong.

I’ve created a page with several stacked components that go well beyond the screen height.
I put all the components in scroll view and set the SV to 100% width and “Grow to Height”.
As a result I can scroll properly in composer. But when I test in preview I need to “pull” on on the screen just to see anything below the regular screen height, and when I let it go it bounces back off screen.
Also, the components below screen have some errors in them as well.

Again, everything looks fine in composer but does not function properly in preview.


People will really need screen shots to be able to assist here.

My app looks terrible in composer, but implements correctly. Composer doesn´t understand a lot of the formatting.

@Phil_Evans … good point. I wasn’t quite sure how to capture the action here but I managed to grab a couple screen recordings which I have attached.

In the composer version, the screen scrolls to reveal the coloured components as it should.

In the Preview version I have to pull on the screen to reveal the coloured components below, then it immediately snaps back when I remove my fingers from the screen.

Hi! Commented here that this sounds like a bug, please post a bug report if not already posted!

Thank yiou @Mevi. I have submitted through bug report.

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Hi! I am experiencing the same behavior in my app. Did the bug get solved? Did anyone find a workaround if not?