Scrollview does not end correctly

As you can see in video, the scroll view does not show the last entry fully.

That’s a common problem with scrollViews (SV) where the entire page refuses to scroll when a full-page SV is used. I did improvise a method which might work for you about a week or so ago which I’ll share below. But do note that I was testing this on a browser web app, versus a mobile app. In theory, it might work, though.

I’m quoting it from this thread and you can adapt it accordingly and see if it works for you. It should be the third from last post as of this writing: Vertical ScrollView in web app build

*This tutorial assumes you’re using a custom floating header/footer container rather than the default header provided by Appgyver – which appears to be the case upon a second look at the video.

For us, this method allowed for a full-page SV that would scroll until it reached the bottom of its content by removing the dreaded double-scrollbar issue that I referenced in the full post.

That’s about it. Try it on for size and let us know if that solves it for you.

I’ll add that, primarily, the problem with SVs appear to be when they’re set to 100% in both size dimensions (width and height) but then also Relative-ly stacked with your header/footer container(s).

So the logic is to float the header/footer above the SV, allowing the SV to fully realize 100% dimensions across the page. The padding to the SV is to make the content which is then rendered beneath the SV seen by forcing it visually downward on the page below a floating custom header container (or upward for a floating footer as it appears you have) when fully scrolled either way.

Addendum: I just realized you have both a floating header AND footer. Try setting both to Absolute and setting a higher Z-index, then set appropriate SV padding for BOTH. Experiment and let us know.

Thanks. I will try. I will let you know if i’m done with that. But for now it maybe cost a few days because i’m a student…

It’s easy to fix, just add padding to the Scroll View or Page Layout. As I guest, with that content, u need about 200px padding

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