ScrollView is not scrolling on Android

@appgyver Hello everyone, I do have a question and also a few bug reports.

ScrollView is scrolling only on iOS but is not on Android. It can be “fixed” by setting Shrink, Basis, Grow (0,0,1), however, that cause issue on iOS. There is a huge gap under that scrollView with an App Background like there is nothing. I have tried to stretch everything to cover that gap, but nothing really helps and hence scrollView is unusable on Android, which is weird as I believe that AppGyver compiles everything into React Native and therefore there should be no difference.

Not to mention that Basis cannot be set properly as the value is not visible. Shrink, Basis, Grow has now default values and if I set, for example, Grow to 1 it cannot be reverted unless I roll back the changes, so it seems like these whole settings is a bit broken.

Any advice on this, please? This is getting really frustrating.

/AppID: 270876 Error occurs on page “departure_api” with a scrollView there.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, if you’ve tried all the layout options, I’m not sure if there’s any advice I can give here on how to make it work. Could you post this as a bug report in the Tracker so it lands on the right people’s table in our team: Bug Reports | AppGyver.

I have this working fine on Android. Try downloading my app and see if its what you want, then I can share my settings.