Scrollviews showing border

Scrollviews suddenly have started showing borders.

@Kristian_Gerkman @Mevi

Bugs can also be reported directly at

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same here. but for temporary solution if this is really a bug.

try to change Advance > Overflow : Visible

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I think this may have been tackled already, but please submit a bug report here.

Hi This isn’t fixed yet. The workaround also doesnt work. @Mevi

Hi Any idea how to fix this? with the new interface? Can’t find overflow!

sorry. same here. with new UI updates

Hi! I can’t reproduce this in a new app. Perhaps try dragging a new ScrollView onto the canvas and see if the problem persists in it? If you try that and it does not work, please give me your app id, page id where this happens and any login details so I can check it in your app.

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