Search bar suggestion where the selected item appears in the input field

Good afternoon.

I’ve referenced the powerup video called ‘Search Bar Suggestions’ (link below). Instead of opening a new page when choosing the product name, how do I get the product name into the input field?

Power-up: Search bar with sugggestions - Composer (


After a bit of playing around I’ve managed to get the name to display in the input field. As per below screen capture.

Now, I just need two more “things” to happen:

  1. Once the name is selected (and displays in input field), that the ''container" no longer shows. for example

  2. That the name in the input field is written to the database on ‘submit’.

Thank you for your help in advance

I’ve managed to do point 2.
Just need some assistance with point 1.
Once a name is selected and displays in input field, then clear/hide “searched name”

Hi! Use the visibility property of the component you want to hide to do this. The visibility property is found under Properties > Advanced properties. Not sure what formula you would need for this, but for example you could use something like NOT(SOME(list_in_repeat, item.the_field_you_use==pageVars.variable_bound_to_input_field)).

Thank you!
That formula works perfect.
(I didn’t even think about using visibility, I was trying to get it to work using flow functions. Which was an epic fail for me.)