Search feature that will only search one component for items

If things go as planned my pages will have several components ( I think you call them). Think of one of the components/text boxes as holding ingredients for a recipe. Is there a way to have a search that only looks in the “ingredients” component, to expedite the search.
Lets say you have a big harvest of turnips on your farm and you need to think of things to do with your turnips, so you search for all recipes that use turnips as an ingredient so you can use your turnips up before they rot. (that is an example, most of the time you would feed anything you could not sell or otherwise use to the pigs)

Also, I read another post that said searches are much easier if done through the database, this Poster was planning on uploading a hundred static pages. I too was thinking of static pages. I don’t know anything about DB. Any computer skills I have are as a user and using things like Wordpress and other wysiwyg editors.
If I use a database does it mean the app will require an internet connection to answer queries.