Search user data when login with Firebase

Hi. i want search the user data.
When this user registration y create de new user and save the idToken… I want when the user login search this idToken in my user data and if equal set the app variable with this name…
For exaple:
User data:
“name”: “projects/apf-app/databases/(default)/documents/datos usuarios/LXoZKsOUvo750d5osXVo”,
“fields”: {
“idToken”: {
“createTime”: “2021-04-28T13:11:51.606577Z”,
“updateTime”: “2021-04-28T13:11:51.606577Z”
I tried with this formula but I doesn’t work:
SELECT(SELECT(outputs[“Get record collection”].records,item.fields.idToken.stringValue==STRING(outputs[“getidToken”].resBody[“id_token”])),


In what way doesn’t it work? On a quick glance the formula seems fine. Are there any errors in the formula editor? Have you checked that those GET calls actually find the data correctly?

Btw I removed that idToken value from your post as it should be kept secure :slight_smile:

Hello, thanks for answering. You can see it in my application id: 186313 It doesn’t work well, when I try to set a variable app. I use: data.Usuarios1[0].name. But it does not assign anything to that app varibles Can it be a problem setting that variable?

The problem is most likely in your data fetch so data.Usuarios is undefined. If you test the GET fetched in your REST API configuration, are you getting any errors?

How should I configure to only bring the information from the registry that contains that tokenid?

That should be checked from the backend you’re using and the API for getting a single user. I’m guessing you would use Get Record and set the userId as the url placeholder.