Searching data from REST API for input variable

So i have this data collection from REST API:

SELECT(data[“ID1-Collection”], item.group_name==“My Media”)

Which returns a dataset which is categorized under the name My Media.

it has “name” item (among other things) which holds the name of a file.

I then create a search box which input field is bound to an app var named “searchvar” (without the quotes ofcourse).

For now i have a component tap on the search bar:

which opens the page Search Results.

On that page i have a container which repeats data from the collection.

What i want is to use the (app.)searchvar variable to select items from the collection which holds or partially holds the value that searchvar holds.

For example: if i search for “new”, i want the results to look like this:

This is a new movie.mp4
Old and new.jpg

Like in PHP where you have the ‘Like’ operator.

Does anyone know how to do this?




Would be of great help!



Hey @Rienk_Boorsma, sorry for taking long to reply. Check out the CONTAINS formula function (docs) :slight_smile: This power-up could also be interesting for you!

Hi Mari,

Thanks for reply!

I had a look at the power-up and formulas but still can’t figure it out.

I have a REST API resource, which is set to a data variable called ‘databasrecords_IDL’ using Get Collection.

I have a page with an appVar named ‘searchvar’ which is set as a list-type.

I bind that to an input field/search box and take it to the next page where the search results are supposed to show.

I try to get the data using SELECT:

SELECT(data.databaserecords_IDL[0].file_name, appVars.searchvar)

So that file_name is searched for appVars.searchvar.

What i get is ‘Text type is not assignable to list type’

Does it mean i can’t search the datavar using an appvar? Or is my function syntax wrong…


Hi Rienk, one thing that comes to mind is that why is searchvar a list? Shouldn’t it be a text if it’s the word that you’re searching for?

Hi Mari,

It was text before i changed it to list and that did not work either. I am trying different things to get it to work.

Was there anything wrong with the syntax?

Hi, by choosing data.databaserecords_IDL[0] you are restricting the search to only the first item in the list.

Try SELECT(data.databaserecords_IDL, CONTAINS(item.file_name, appVars.searchvar)). That chooses all the items in the list, for which the CONTAINS formula evaluates to true.

Thanks Mari, gonna try it!

Hi Mari,

That worked, thanks!

Btw if i enter something in the input-field and press enter, nothing happens. When i press the magnifying glass icon several times, i get the new page with the right results.
Do you know how ENTER will go to the new page i am calling?