SeaTable requires a POST request with BODY instead of GET

Hello dear AppGyvers,
it’s time for a real challenge again. I use SeaTable as a database and backend at the same time.

SeaTable is almost like AirTable. But it is a solution from Germany and is also hosted here. Apart from that, the Free plan also offers many times more lines.

The problem: In order to be able to execute a SQL command, I need POST. POST is assigned to “Create” at AppGyver but I need it as a kind of GET.

Question a) Can I still do this?
Question b) If a) should work, I put what belongs in the body into the SCHEMA, right?.

But it doesn’t work. It would be great if someone could help me here

Here how it works with Postman

This is the exact documentation from SeaTable SeaTable API Reference for this SQL Request.

I also found this topic REST API Post Body? not sure if this helps.

Greetings Jens


By looking at the postman request, I would highly advise on using the HTTP Request flow function. There, you can configure a POST request with the {"sql": "..."} body.

I followed your advice over the weekend. With HTTP requests it works great.

But the subsequent question is how can I receive the response and convert it back into a variable.

Sort of like what happens automatically with the data variable. But this variable is empty.

From the response, I’m only interested in results:[{“active”:1}] I need the value 1 in an app variable. How do I do that?

Thanks so much