Security of AppGyver

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How secure is AppGyver platform for application Creation? How can we check the security?

Nothing online is 100% secure. So far there has been no mention of any breaches in the forum. A large reason for this is that there is very little of value. I do not know if usenames and passwords have any brute force protections. 2FA is also not in use, so its clearly not as good as it could be.

What specifically are you looking for?

Looking to Create an application using AppGyver. Had a doubt regarding the security it will provide as the application is free to use? Which app development platform will provide a better security and cost is it No code or Low code or Pure Code Platform?

You may find this interesting: Primer: Security - AppGyver. It outlines all possible security flaws and gives guidance on developing securely with Composer. Please do not be deceived by the ‘free-to-use’ model of AppGyver as we are a professional environment that is working hard to ensure the safety of our users. We are also a part of SAP, so security is a big topic for us.


It is an interesting question though when considering what security is in place for the composer platform. As far as I am aware there is no option for 2FA and I don´t know what protections are in place for brute force attacks to simply login. Are accounts automatically shut down after x incorrect entries etc?

Can you Please highlight the advantage for an application developer for using AppGyver over Microsoft PowerApps

Is AppGyver Completely free or is there any hidden cost involved?

Read this if you are interested about SAP AppGyver being free: SAP AppGyver is now free for everyone — regardless of revenue | by Marko Lehtimaki | AppGyver .

Please highlight the advantage for an application developer for using AppGyver over Microsoft PowerApps

I, unfortunately, unable to give any comments regarding that, but I would encourage you to try out both and decide for yourself.

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