Seems to be a bug (Initial Dismissal View)

Hi team,

The app we implemented some time back and we just re-opened it for the demo and have noticed that page navigation and bar code scan do not work after login.

Below are our observations and let me know what would have been impacted, because of any latest updates.

a. App is enabled for authentication and the credentials can be verified via rest API.
b. Once the user authentication is successful and it is mapped to the initial dismissal view in the logic flow. the user comes to the (initial dismissal view page or landing page) and therefore the user is not able to do page navigation and QR code scanning.
c. After replacing the initial dismissal view with the open page in the logic flow, the QR scan works perfectly, and after disabling “allow authentication” on the page, page navigation works as well.

Created a new dummy app and replicated the same steps as above and it causes the issue, seems to be a bug with the initial dismissal view.

Dummy app appgyver number: 538503

Let us know what the issue

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