Select one list from dozens of lists and getting the values in that list?

Note: I previously asked this question in Thunkable (another no-code app making platform) and got a functional answer. However, as I have had to switch over to Appgyver, I have no clue how to implement it now. This is the corresponding link. [Solved] Selecting one of hundreds of lists from a dataviewer and getting the values in that list? - Questions about Thunkable - Community

Another note: I’m having a hard time finding direct answers to my questions, even on appgyver tutorials, so I have decided to post basically all my questions here. If you happen to have a link that actually helps to answer one or multiple of my questions, I’m happy to check them out instead.

Now the point of this topic.

My Vision for this app

I want to create an app that inspires writing by taking a single word, selected from a list, and listing words that are similar.

For example, a writer wants to write a scene about how beautiful winter is but doesn’t know how to describe winter very elegantly. They would find the word “winter” (and click on it), see the associated words to help describe it (“snow”, “white”, “cold”, “lonely”,“gentle”, etc.), and then describe the scene using these extra ideas.


I just began using AppGyver recently so I don’t know much.

So far I have successfully…

  • Configured a custom soft tabs navigation bar on the bottom of the screen

  • Configured the screen backgrounds…

  • Figured out how to use logic on the component tap event to navigate to another webpage

  • Not much else…

I need help in order to…

  • Figure out which type of datasource (rest API, etc) would be most appropriate

  • Correctly import a list from a data source / page variable

  • Display that list on the screen

  • Determine which type of list from the store is the best suited for displaying such text items

  • Figure out how to trigger a tap event/trigger for an individual item in a list

  • Figure out how to assign a list of words to a certain word

Note: in Thunkable, the solution involved something like a web api and .json, converting the associated list object – lots of words separated by commas – into list object and displaying it. I don’t really understand the theory behind any of that.

I know this is asking a lot, so I appreciate any help I can get. I’m lumping this all into one question because I have no idea how specific Appgyver elements interact with each other.

Thanks in advance! Any answer to even a part to a part of this post would be helpful.