Select Videos and Images from device, then display them on the same page

Hi, I am attempting to use Select files(for android) and "Pick image from my library( for IOS).

  1. How can I just fillter for videos only for both ios and android
  2. Once I pick the file, How can I display the video on a webview(or similiar)? I’ve tried using a app variable with the following formula “URL(PLUCK(outputs[“Get bucket upload URLs”].files,“path”) + “/” + PLUCK(outputs[“Pick files”].files,“name”))” but doesnt show the video.

If someone can direct me to a video or step by step or even take a look at my project, I would be grateful.

  1. Currently videos only is not possible for iOS (not sure if possible for Android), but this is a functionality we will be adding over the course of this summer, as we need it in a project
  2. For viewing a video I have used the open video player flow function

When will upload a video from the gallery be working?

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