Selected font not displaying in 'Rich Text' content in published app


My app displayed correctly in the preview, but when I published the app to the play store, strangely the system font is shown instead of the font that I selected for ‘Rich Text’ content.
It always used to display correctly prior to my update.
I published my update using 4.5.7. I then tried again using 4.3.6, but I still get the same.
In my update, I did not change anything to do with the ‘Rich Text’’ content or fonts.

My app ID is 262544

Please kindly help

The custom font, which I have been using for almost a year now, when used in Rich Text displays correctly on the web preview, but incorrectly on mobile preview and in the published app.
The custom font displays fine in the published app for regular Text components.

It always used to display well for Rich Text. What has happened please?

Any idea on how to resolve this?
I’m getting complaints from app users who want the correct font to display at it used to.

1). You should re-upload the font file (For the new update that AppGyver made).

2). Activate only the font of the uploaded file and deactivate those that you will not use (Note: The font is automatically applied for the title and texts, on that side do not worry).

3). As a reinforcement, give the exact name of the source in the 3 boxes, so you will notice the change and it will be saved when compiling your app for the stores.

There is/was (don’t know if its resolved yet) a bug with customs fonts. Try this workaround and see if it will work Apply a font on final build

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Best regards. Several months ago if there were problems and even that was the solution. Only with this latest update when compiling, I generated error problems, until I was told in this post and one of the solutions for @Kirill_Leventcov here: 😔 When compiling with version 4.5.7 i receive error 500 and had to be uploaded again. I use 400 fonts without any problems and compiled.

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Thnx for the update :pray:

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