Selected "other" in dropdown list makes input field visible

Hey Guys

I need a little hint how I shall approach this: I have an option list dropdown. The selected value is saved in a page variable.

In the dropdown list I have “other” as an option. If selected I would like to make an input field visible where I can manually insert a new value for this page variable.

Thanks for the help

I guess you can create an input field where you want to and set up visibility of that input via formula. It would be something like IF(pageVars.selected == “Other”, true, false). So if the selected option would be “Other” this input field will be visible. Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Hi @Jaroslav_Krajca

Thanks that helped. The only problem is, that this Input field is bound to the same page variable.

Thus if I select “other” in the dropdown with your suggested IF then the input field is shown correctly with the value of the page variable=other. When I now change the value “other” to something else the input field disappears because the IF condition is not fulfilled anymore :ghost:

Could you send me some screenshots of the logic and containers, please? I will take a look at it. :slight_smile:

Hi @Jaroslav_Krajca

Thanks a lot. Here are some screenshots

Thats the field I’d like to hide if “other” is not selected in the dropdown

That’s the dropdown

Ah, so you can select “Other” in the first dropdown and then you can again select “Other” in the other one? Is this supposed to work like that? If so, I would recommend creating two variables. :slight_smile:

:sweat_smile: yeah sorry, I am really a beginner

well well well…yes, it’s like on many webpage you might know when registering.

Drowdown: How did you learn about us → website, friend, other and when selecting other you can enter how you learned about them

I see. So the two variables would be the best practice here, I guess, but it would be doable with one too. :slight_smile: