Selecting a value in a dropdown crashes the Preview app

I have a dropdown in a repeating container that appears to be working (showing the correct values), but when I choose a value, the Preview app immediately crashes. The dropdown is very simple and has no Flow functions attached to it, no bound variables, and no triggers, so I’m a baffled as to why it could be crashing.

I tried manually creating the List of Values with static values, and that didn’t help - it still crashes as soon as any value is selected. Here’s the list:

[{label: "0", value: "0"}, {label: "3", value: "3"}]

Any ideas?

App id: 169788

Perhaps this is an issue with using an input as a repeating element? I tried putting toggle buttons into the repeat, and they have the same issue - as soon as I tap the toggle button (not bound to anything, no onTap or onChange functions), the Preview app crashes immediately.


We’ve noticed issues with using dropdowns and toggle buttons and we’re working to get it fixed, sorry for the inconvenience! Crashing however sounds severe, what operating system are you using?

Android 9 on a Samsung S8. Any help would be much appreciated - development is kind of at a standstill. Thanks!

Hey, sorry for the delay in response!

Are you able to use the AppGyver Legend app for previewing in the meanwhile, so you can progress your development?

I tried the Legend app, and it doesn’t crash, so it should help move development along, thanks, athough it does have other weird behaviors (like every dropdown has the word “placeholder” as the default text.

By the way, the normal Preview app crashes when this happens on iOS as well.

Is this something you guys will fix?


Yes the dropdown is on our to-fix list and should be resolved soon.

Does the crashing happen only when toggling the dropdown?

As soon as I select a value in the dropdown it crashes. OR, if I use toggle buttons, it crashes as soon as I tap the toggle button. Thanks!